Boundaries in compassion.: managing life's load

 Have you ever looked at someone and admired them thinking they got their shit together only to find out they're are secretly struggling with heavy burdens?It's common experience we all face from time to time, carrying unseen weights while longing for someone to share our load. We all crave a safe space to unload our burdens,but it's essential to tread carefully.Offering support is noble ,but I've learned first hand the importance of offloading my own luggage before extending a helping hand.Recently ,I found myself eager to assist someone,only to realize I had my own struggles to confront.Its was a poignant reminder that recognizing our own limits and admitting when to seek help is crucial.just like physicall spaces,we each have our capacity and overloading ourselves only leads to frustration and stress. Carrying more than we can handle only adds to our burden perpetuating a cycle of strain and exhaustion this not able to lend a hand in any way.Managing our loads wisely

Life through runners lens

 Have you ever experienced the exhilaration of pushing your limits while running, especially tackling a long distance?it's not just about physical strength,it's a journey of self discovery and inner strength that many of us can relate to. Life often feels like a marathon, demanding perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges.Each step forward brings it's own set of obstacles,but the sense of achievement at every mile makes the journey worthwhile for all of us. After crossing one of life's finish lines,whether it's a personal or professional goal,just like after a race it's natural to find ourselves in a limbo, pondering what comes next.its a moment of uncertainty mixed with anticipation as we contemplate our future endeavours. Every achievement in life requires dedication, sacrifices and countless sleepless nights just like preparing for a race.But each success is a testament to the resilience and determination within each of us,but it can sometimes bl

Finding your stride: perseverance in the face of adversity

 Have you ever felt like everything is going against you?when it seams like nothing is working,it's crucial to find that fine line between success,regret and failure. Imagine running a marathon.when every part of your body  hurts,even you nails hurt🤣🤣,and you start questioning yourself why you signed up for that race,that moment when you start  wondering if you've have ever seen chickens pee! Similarly in business,career or relationships,when nothing seams to be going right and life feels like a mess,it's like being in the middle of a race,time to decide  to stop or to keep pushing till the end. It's very important to remember not to push too hard or give up easily.find the balance , steady your pace ane learn from your mistakes along the,breathe and let your efforts guide you forward. This is battle is in your mind,stay organized, strategize and remember why you started .If you get to a point where you can't continue without causing more harm,it's o

Miles of life: Running at your pace

 Recreational runners often say 'Never trust the first mile'.. Running is my passion,it keeps me fit and provides personal time.A marathon like life unfolds in stages. The first mile signifies new begging,a career ,moving out of your parents, starting a relationship or marriage, starting a business or even first time parents,it's an exhilarating period but remember the journey is long.Smile ,share your ventures,show off ,create memories but be ready for the challenges. When reality hits,if you didn't prepare in the first mile ,it gets tough, excitement is good ,but preparation is crucial.Brace yourself,work hard ,whether business or relationships.Understanding your pace at this stage and staying consistent leads to success. Some runs , relationships,career  may tough,but failures are lessons.Dust yourself off,keep running,winners don't quit.As Eliud Kipchonge says (Run your race with discipline,reach the finish line with a smil). Whether your business flourishes or

Heartfelt Harmony: Nurturing your phenomenal body

 Did you know your heart,the first organ to develop your body works tirelessly for you.Its a 24/7 love machine, especially during our slumber.Before 14 weeks we are all just human,no distinction of male or female.Lets take a moment to truly appreciate our hearts for choosing us and guiding us  through life. Our bodies are incredible ,almost like a well oiled machine,so why not care for it?As we journey through life,let's cherish this phenomenal body of ours.Take a pause when you come home from work or just before you sleep,give yourself  five minutes to breathe.Release the stress of the day and gift your heart a moment of piece.This simple act not only rejuvenates you but allows your heart to calmly prepare the the next days adventure runs. Just like the development of a human is mysterious,let's live each day as the last day.Today is what matters because tomorrow we can only plan for but not assured.However,you see, this moment right now is the most important moment of your li

Forbidden fruit:the delicate dance of joy and sacrifice

 Maneuvering a relationship that feels both suffocating and joyful can be a challenging journey.Often, forbidden attractions come into play , introducing someone who brings out the best in us but complicates our lives.Its like chasing a flame that becomes even sweeter as you resist. As my grandma used to say,it's crucial to call your brain in a meeting and ask tough questions.what is missing?Is the new found spark worth the risk of jeopardising what you've deligently built over time?This dilemma isn't exclusive to relationships;no darling,it extends to other aspects of life,such as work. Consider the scenario where you may be investing more time in a side hustle than in your primary job,it's a delicate balance;can you afford to lose your job and solely depend on the side hustle? sometimes,what's brings us immediate happiness may not be the wisest long  term choice.We must navigate this fine line, understanding when to pursue our happiness and when to make necessary

Riding the waves of unpredictability

 Life like the sea ,is full of surprises.imagine the sea sometimes calm, suddenly it changes course.Your life should mirror this unpredictability.The sea seem harmless but it can also engulf you.Despite our tech and human brain power the seas depths remain a mystery . As you steer the wheel of life embrace ,be unpredictable for safety.Shield yourself from negativity and brain drain.The sea vast and mysterious can either swallow you or become your passage.It has the power to wipe out entire city,yet it provides sustainance and protection .Life too holds contrasts, joy , challenges and unexpected moments. Your own body is also unpredictable,so why be too transparent?Stay unpredictable for your safety,being and open book makes you susceptible to manipulation.Be like the sea,dynamic and unfathomable. You are unique just like your finger prints.The difference lies on your predictability.Take charge,be like the sea unfathomable.Decide ,sea or man made lake easily drained.The choice is yours.