Forbidden fruit:the delicate dance of joy and sacrifice

 Maneuvering a relationship that feels both suffocating and joyful can be a challenging journey.Often, forbidden attractions come into play , introducing someone who brings out the best in us but complicates our lives.Its like chasing a flame that becomes even sweeter as you resist.

As my grandma used to say,it's crucial to call your brain in a meeting and ask tough questions.what is missing?Is the new found spark worth the risk of jeopardising what you've deligently built over time?This dilemma isn't exclusive to relationships;no darling,it extends to other aspects of life,such as work.

Consider the scenario where you may be investing more time in a side hustle than in your primary job,it's a delicate balance;can you afford to lose your job and solely depend on the side hustle? sometimes,what's brings us immediate happiness may not be the wisest long  term choice.We must navigate this fine line, understanding when to pursue our happiness and when to make necessary sacrifices to maintain stability and longevity in our pursuits.Life,after all is a delicate dance of finding equilibrium.

The delicate dance extends to recognizing the allure the forbidden fruit.Theres nothing as sweet as the forbidden fruit and the more forbidden it is ,the

 more we crave it.Thats human nature but we have eto be sure of what we want or what benefits us more before we keep on indulging in the forbidden fruit.Do I have to remind you how sweet and irresistible it can be?Behind it all,though lies pain and destruction.Lifes delicate dance involves making choices that align with our long term wellbeing.

May your life's dance be balance of joy and wise choices, finding sweetness in the delicate pursuit of happiness.Here's to cruising with grace and purpose.




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