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Chasing dreams,Belief, persistence and good year moments

 Dreams_everyone has them.some materialize into reality,yet sadly many do not.Its hard to fathom,but everything begins with a dream,even building a house or family.To turn that dream into reality,the pivotal first step it to believe and working in it passionately .Through unwavering dedication ,hard work  and unwavering spirit ,dreams can flourish Take Charles Dunlop for instance.His journey was paved with failures,mistakes,and relentless efforts yet amidst adversity,he discovered vulcanisation; leading to the birth of good year tires.His story echoes the power of resilience despite challenges. Your dream might be to attain good health or to conquer running.The key lies not in fixating solely on goals but in committing to the journey itself.Even if you start with walking or running just 50 metres ,the most important thing is taking that first step.Keep at it,keep walking,keep running and eventually your efforts will bear fruit. You can do it Yours Kajad 

A journey to self discovery

As the the year draws to a close,it's that time again-reflecting on resolutions. Did you set any last year? Did you achieve them? I ,like many made a few resolutions,but the outcome surprised me. At this point last year,I found myself longing for an extra source of income. Cue the typical internet search :"how to make money online."However,the search results seemed like an endless loop of videos,blogs and tantalising offers that required payment and subscription. It felt ironic_ I'm seeking ways to make money,yet I'm asked to spend money to access the information 😭😭😭, frustrating right? Eventually,I shelved the pursuit of wealth and redirected my focus inward.Working on myself became the priority.what transpired was unexpected yet transformative.I started feeling better_happier, healthier,more rested_and my overall performance was a shift from chasing money to embracing self_care. I began incorporating activities that invigorated me:running, cycling