A journey to self discovery

As the the year draws to a close,it's that time again-reflecting on resolutions.
Did you set any last year?
Did you achieve them?
I ,like many made a few resolutions,but the outcome surprised me.

At this point last year,I found myself longing for an extra source of income.
Cue the typical internet search :"how to make money online."However,the search results seemed like an endless loop of videos,blogs and tantalising offers that required payment and subscription.
It felt ironic_ I'm seeking ways to make money,yet I'm asked to spend money to access the information 😭😭😭, frustrating right?

Eventually,I shelved the pursuit of wealth and redirected my focus inward.Working on myself became the priority.what transpired was unexpected yet transformative.I started feeling better_happier, healthier,more rested_and my overall performance improved.it was a shift from chasing money to embracing self_care.

I began incorporating activities that invigorated me:running, cycling, swimming,Pilate_hey I will even completed a marathon 💪.These changes brought fulfillment even if financial aspect hadn't evolved ( still bills have to be payed).And strangely enough I found contentment in the journey ofself_improvement.

So if you are looking back at unmet goals and feeling disheartened, remember the smaller victories.
Appreciate them; they're the unsung heroes of personal growth.Smilebecausr,in the end,self_love matters the most.

Stay tuned for more insights on how nothing is impossible when your heart,mind,and abit more effort are involved.Sometimes,the pursuit of one's goal unveils unexpected treasures_like finding solace and joy within yourself.

Yours kajad


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