Boundaries in compassion.: managing life's load

 Have you ever looked at someone and admired them thinking they got their shit together only to find out they're are secretly struggling with heavy burdens?It's common experience we all face from time to time, carrying unseen weights while longing for someone to share our load.

We all crave a safe space to unload our burdens,but it's essential to tread carefully.Offering support is noble ,but I've learned first hand the importance of offloading my own luggage before extending a helping hand.Recently ,I found myself eager to assist someone,only to realize I had my own struggles to confront.Its was a poignant reminder that recognizing our own limits and admitting when to seek help is crucial.just like physicall spaces,we each have our capacity and overloading ourselves only leads to frustration and stress.

Carrying more than we can handle only adds to our burden perpetuating a cycle of strain and exhaustion this not able to lend a hand in any way.Managing our loads wisely is essential for our well being.

Just like overloaded cars face penalties,exceeding our limits can have consequences.Even bankers set thresholds for loans.It serves as a stark reminder to respect our boundaries and honour our capacity.

While offering a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear is invaluable,it's equally important to ensure we have the space and energy to provide meaningful support.sometimes, guiding someone towards the right support or specialist can be more effective than carrying their burden.

Whatever you do remember to offload first before you add extra load.




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