Finding your stride: perseverance in the face of adversity

 Have you ever felt like everything is going against you?when it seams like nothing is working,it's crucial to find that fine line between success,regret and failure.

Imagine running a marathon.when every part of your body  hurts,even you nails hurt🤣🤣,and you start questioning yourself why you signed up for that race,that moment when you start  wondering if you've have ever seen chickens pee!

Similarly in business,career or relationships,when nothing seams to be going right and life feels like a mess,it's like being in the middle of a race,time to decide  to stop or to keep pushing till the end.

It's very important to remember not to push too hard or give up easily.find the balance , steady your pace ane learn from your mistakes along the,breathe and let your efforts guide you forward.

This is battle is in your mind,stay organized, strategize and remember why you started .If you get to a point where you can't continue without causing more harm,it's okay to stop.There will always another opportunity .

Just like a car has a limit,you push too hard without care and it leads to a breakdown, everything even stars in the sky go through evolution and change.Stop when necessary ,but make sure you've given it your all .And if you decide to stop don't be afraid to start over,keep running and never give up.

Studies have shown that bones stop regenerating after 4 hours of stress and restart after 4_8 hours,so taking break is not a sign of failure ,but a necessary part of the process.

Keep pushing,because when the starts align and everything is working out,your business is at its peak,your career is soaring,your relationship is thriving,then you will look back at this moment of hardship and  smile , knowing you sailed through the storm.

Keep running,it's your race.

Yours kajad


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