Riding the waves of unpredictability

 Life like the sea ,is full of surprises.imagine the sea sometimes calm, suddenly it changes course.Your life should mirror this unpredictability.The sea seem harmless but it can also engulf you.Despite our tech and human brain power the seas depths remain a mystery .

As you steer the wheel of life embrace ,be unpredictable for safety.Shield yourself from negativity and brain drain.The sea vast and mysterious can either swallow you or become your passage.It has the power to wipe out entire city,yet it provides sustainance and protection .Life too holds contrasts, joy , challenges and unexpected moments.

Your own body is also unpredictable,so why be too transparent?Stay unpredictable for your safety,being and open book makes you susceptible to manipulation.Be like the sea,dynamic and unfathomable.

You are unique just like your finger prints.The difference lies on your predictability.Take charge,be like the sea unfathomable.Decide ,sea or man made lake easily drained.The choice is yours.




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