Heartfelt Harmony: Nurturing your phenomenal body

 Did you know your heart,the first organ to develop your body works tirelessly for you.Its a 24/7 love machine, especially during our slumber.Before 14 weeks we are all just human,no distinction of male or female.Lets take a moment to truly appreciate our hearts for choosing us and guiding us  through life.

Our bodies are incredible ,almost like a well oiled machine,so why not care for it?As we journey through life,let's cherish this phenomenal body of ours.Take a pause when you come home from work or just before you sleep,give yourself  five minutes to breathe.Release the stress of the day and gift your heart a moment of piece.This simple act not only rejuvenates you but allows your heart to calmly prepare the the next days adventure runs.

Just like the development of a human is mysterious,let's live each day as the last day.Today is what matters because tomorrow we can only plan for but not assured.However,you see, this moment right now is the most important moment of your life,embrace it.After death all that's left are bones regardless of being male or female .before 14 weeks and after  death we are all humans and equal ,let's love and appreciate our bodies .

Learn to take 5 minutes each day to breath and do nothing.enjoy that moment of silence especially in between you inhalation and exhalation that moment of calmness,if you can gaze at night sky and contemplate it's vastness,for those areas or nights where stars are visible.find a quiet moment to reflect and enjoy the stillness.

Take time and make it a habit to breathe and let go.

Make time to go for a walk or run and listen to your heart and the pounding of your feet

Meditate if you can

Remember to keep your body healthy and appreciate your body too




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