Fear of the unknown

 Ever found yourself entangled in a life situation that just feels off? I've been there , gripping onto things that drained  me emotionally  and physically.Its a challenging place, especially when fear of the future keeps you hanging on.But here's is the deal, sometimes you need to say enough is enough,let go and move  forward.when you wake up from.this brain slumber ,its a rebirth like no other.Holding onto the wrong things and People might block better opportunities and caring people from coming into your life ,and when you let go you experience great freedom like no other,you set yourself free. So screw the negativity,the fear, breathe and embrace a fresh start.Dont waste time knocking on doors where you're not welcome.The more you keep knocking,the more delusional and desperate you look.As much as you care,you need to walk away in fact run and don't give people a chance to treat you like a door mat,you are better than that. In life don't be like a toilet paper,w

Navigating negativity,the power of self love

 Navigating through the company of self centred and negative individuals can be emotionally taxing.These are people who seem to find fault in every situation,never acknowledging anything positive.They have a way of making even the best weather unbearable too hot in the sunshine ,too gloomy in the rain. These individuals can be found in various aspects of our lives,be it at home,the workplace,or even among close relationships like family or friends.Its almost as if their negativity becomes a black hole, threatening to suck you into their world of perpetual dissatisfaction. However there's a powerful antidote:self  love.Its not just about indulging in personal pleasures or material persuit,it's about cultivating an internal strength that shields you from external negativity.When you genuinely love yourself,the complaints of these individuals lose their power over you. This journey towards self love is not an overnight transformation.There will be days when their negativity might

Power of small goals and self appreciation

 Have you ever heard that voice inside your head telling you that you can't?I know it well.The one that if you let it,grows int a mountain of self doubt,making you believe you can't do it.But here's is the thing, I'm a recreational runner,just like many of you and I've learned a trick to overcome this challenge. As a runner ,facing difficulties is a part of the journey.When the going gets tough, I've found that's setting shorter targets makes a long run seem more manageable.Its like breaking a mountain into small hills,and you can apply this to life as well. So when the negative voice starts creeping in,do whatever it takes to drown it out.set smaller goals,and when you achieve them don't forget to celebrate your victory.Life is  like a race and setting smaller targets leads you to the finish line . And here is a little secret ,you are your biggest supporter and cheerleader.sure others will cheer you  on but it starts with you.Life will throw you in all

The unforseen Energy

 In life,there are moments when we feel broken and exhausted.Its in these times often when things seam at their worst,that's something unexpected happens like a call for help.And when you willingly offer that help,it may become your turning point for finding strength. I remember running a marathon , utterly fatigued.despite my beats friends  unwavering support,my energy and willpower dwindled.Along the way ,we encountered someone pushing their friends in a wheelchair for the entire 42.2 km.can you imagine that?we met them on an incline and my friend insisted we assist them,We offered our help and although initially hesitant,he eventually agreed to a short break. Surprisingly,lending a hand to put that wheelchair became my rejuvenation.Despite my exhaustion it was like being given a new body.The act of helping revitalised me , sparking a newfound energy that carried me forward. No Matter how drained you feel, extending a hand can be your own source of energy.seeking help isn't a

Steering your journey

 2024 marks the beginning of a new journey.Just as a driver prepared their car for the road, ensure your life is ready for the path ahead.Navigate life on your terms,staying focused within your lane, remaining vigilant of distractions and others around you.maneuver with care, there's no rush and you are in control.Avoid coveting others journey,everyone has their own path. If possible,lend a hand but stay focused.Take necessary pit stops to recharge,refuel,breath and reflect on your progress.This journey is yours,your car to drive.Regulary service it ,as neglect may lead to longer stops for repairs.You hold the reigns of this journey. Here is to steering your car with purpose, embracing the road ahead with confidence and cherishing the beauty of our individual journeys.May the new year offer you the strength to navigate  life's twists and turns while finding joy in every mile. Take care of your body ,soul and mind .Happy new year and safe travels on your remarkable journey Happy

Resilience in goodbye

 Shedding bad habits demands an unwavering resilience,a relentless struggle between knowing what's best for us and succumbing to familiar comforts.Its akin to heading warnings about toxic relationships,one we couldn't break free from until we summoned the strength to take charge. Think back to that's ex partner,the one friends and family cautioned you against,the one you knew deep down wasn't good for you.Despite countless attempts leaving felt impossible.Then came that defining moment of clarity,the day you declared in words as precise as dictionary,enough is enough. Now envision your bad habits as echoes of that past flame.Those extra treats, tempting indulgences or perhaps that extra sip or puff they echo a toxic past.Its a battle demanding resilience because within you lies the strength to overcome. It's about claiming independence from these habits, bidding farewell with the articulation of dictionary English to manipulative, harmful routines.its not solely abo

Trusting yourself amid lifes challenges

 Have you watched squid game challenge?If so then you have witnessed the swift transformation people undergo  when placed in different situations.Life mirrors this intensity,it demands we combine intellect and emoti to conquer trials which come out way.Its about recognising when to summon your inner lion especially when the toughest opponent is you. At times even those closest to us may abandon us,while some are fortunate with support,the hard trust remains,we must rely on ourselves.Yet amidst this self reliance ,never forget your worth.The world might disappoint but maintaining that fighting spirit is crucial. Trust is vital in human connections but there's a pivotal moment when walking your path alone becomes essential.Trusting yourself not only fosters self assurance but also earns the trust if others.. Ultimately you craft your own narrative in life. Remember the journey isn't always about transversing alone but recognizing the moments when your  own strength is the guiding