The unforseen Energy

 In life,there are moments when we feel broken and exhausted.Its in these times often when things seam at their worst,that's something unexpected happens like a call for help.And when you willingly offer that help,it may become your turning point for finding strength.

I remember running a marathon , utterly fatigued.despite my beats friends  unwavering support,my energy and willpower dwindled.Along the way ,we encountered someone pushing their friends in a wheelchair for the entire 42.2 km.can you imagine that?we met them on an incline and my friend insisted we assist them,We offered our help and although initially hesitant,he eventually agreed to a short break.

Surprisingly,lending a hand to put that wheelchair became my rejuvenation.Despite my exhaustion it was like being given a new body.The act of helping revitalised me , sparking a newfound energy that carried me forward.

No Matter how drained you feel, extending a hand can be your own source of energy.seeking help isn't a sign of  weakness,it's a  courageous act.Offering assistance won't hinder your progress either.Theres always someone in need of help or ready to lemf a hand.

Lifes journey isn't solitary.At times you'll need a helping hand and other times you will be the one offering support.Together  we soldier on knowing that this journey cannot be traversed alone.




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